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Terms and Conditions


Bufflers website Terms & Conditions


1.     Payment


1.1              – At the time of booking, a deposit must be taken. This is stated in the customers’ quotation email.


1.2            – Once the deposit has been taken, remaining balance must be paid in full up to 2 days before event date. If this is not possible, a customer may pay the remaining balance to their butler(s) at the event. Thirty-day invoice can be requested as a payment option.


1.3            – A booking will not be confirmed a deposit has been taken from the customer


2.    Booking Amendment


2.1            – A booking can be amended up to 7 days before it takes place. Customers must inform us of new location, date, time or other detail.


2.2           – If an event is to be amended, we may require to change our choice of butler for the event. If this occurs, there may be an added charge of £20.


2.3           Once amendment has been completed, the customer will get confirmation via email.


3.    Service standards


3.1            – Customer will receive a full refund if butler fails to attend the customer’s booking without exception


3.2           – In the unlikely event a butler is late attending the event, the butler will make up the time they are hired for. The customer may also request a partial refund of time missed as alternative option.


3.3           – Respect for butlers is paramount. The following activities are prohibited:


3.3.1       – encouraging butlers to act in a sexually orientated way


3.3.2      – encouraging butlers to act in a way which makes them feel uncomfortable or uneasy


3.3.3      – encouraging butlers to act in a way which may endanger life to either butler(s) or other people


3.3.4      – encouraging butler to lift apron


3.3.5      – encouraging anyone to touch butler in intimate areas


3.3.6      – encouraging butler to consume any alcohol or drug substance


3.4           – All butlers reserve the right to cancel an event, leave at any time or not attend an event if he believes any activity to be questionable. This includes any abusive language and inappropriate behaviour.


3.5           Bufflers reserves the right to contact the Police if a butler or customer informs us of any activity which may be deemed as illegal.


4.    Cancellations


4.1            – A customer may cancel an event up to 7 days before the event takes place. If a deposit has been paid, customer will receive a full refund.


4.2           – A customer may receive a full refund if entire balance paid in full and the event is cancelled up to 7 days before the event.


4.3           – A customer will not be eligible to cancel an event if it is requested less than 7 days before the event starts.



4.4          – A customer may not be eligible for a refund if their event is cancelled less than 7 days before event starts & have chosen 30 day                     invoicing.




4.5          – Please note that booking fees will still apply for the work priorly undertaken in every case.



5.    Refunds


5.1          – We do offer a refund system but please take into account  percent for booking fee's is to be expected. 


5.2           – Once a refund has been verified & accepted, it will be issued to the customer using the payment details provided.


5.3           – A refund may take 2-5 working days to process before being returned to the customer.



6.    Photographs


6.1            – Bufflers reserves the right to use photographs for social media or advertising/marketing reasons unless stated otherwise.


6.2           – Customers are free to distribute photographs through any method including Social Media, instant messaging applications or any other way.


      7.    Personal or sensitive information


7.1             – Bufflers will never distribute customers’ information including email address or contact details to any third party.


7.2           – Bufflers Entertainment is governed under the Data Protection Act 1988 to ensure that any data held is kept securely, used fairly and for no more than is required.


7.3           – A customer is free to request access to all data held against them at any time under the Freedom of Information Act.