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Wine Tasting

wine tasting - uk & europe

Have you ever wanted to explore new wines and taste your way through the worlds most illustrious of flavours ? At Bufflers we appreciate how special your event is regardless of it being corporate or private, we will organise it perfectly with our added luxuries such as plate match dinning, a structured quiz, team building games, catch the cheese and more which really gives you a way to make your event as unique as possible. Our maestros are available for your event along with our team of servers and other acts can also be utilised.


We can provide: 


Wine steward we possess the best in wine maestros dedicated to providing you with a great range of events from games based to taste and tell, quizzes, matching events and plenty more. Our amazing experts are available with knowledge of world wines, giving details upon region, along with the whole process structure of harvesting, crushing, and pressing, fermentation, clarification, and then aging and bottling.


Wine tasting taste your way through the world of wines as we offer any structure desired with many different options availabe for you. We can take you through the history of wine, cheese matching, implement games, quizzes and more allowing you to embark on an day/evening full of delightful flavours, or stick to a set tone. The level of education provided can be altered to meet your specific desires, with alternative origins of wines and menus available upon request.


A fun variety of games enhance your wine tasting experience with our delightful array of wine based games, creating a well framed event. Maybe you have a hen party and wish for a group based game, possibly a work based event requiring x2 team building game, a "wine tucker" challenge where we match different things eaten with a wine twist for any special event, it doesn't matter, we have you covered with our dedicated team.


Quizzes we provide many themes for our quizzes were you can select a quiz based upon a chosen topic and have the wine concept placed in amongst it, you can opt for a wine quiz where we challenge you over inherited information over the history of different wines, this is a truly brilliantly designed structure for the more relaxed yet vibrant event.


Catering/courses your event deserves private chefs that can provide the best in food service be it classic cheese boards to courses, canapes, seated formal dinning and all between, ensuring all your catering requirements are met. You can request specifics or have menus and tasters provided for you or even create your very own, giving you a truly unique wine tasting experience. We also offer you plates based upon set regions upon request.


Waiter/waitresses providing levels of wine matching of the highest order, our waiting staff can ease your event goers strolling back and forth with the utmost of waiting service available. This can be offered in different options regarding attire, service requirements and more at your will.


Bufflers butlers/glamour girl we can accommodate your wine tasting event with our super versatile butlers and glamour girls, providing things such as meet and greet, drink and food service, games hosting, wine tasting and more. You can opt for different attire and props to really personalise your experience and make it as unique and memorable as possible.


Portable bar wine events can often be the type of events that need a portable bar, is that the case for yours ? Instead of thinking over locations, arrangements... let our portable stations take all the stress away and enable you to host your amazing event in your most truly desired location.


Music hire the most talented of musicians for your wine tasting event, be it sensational singers, jazz groups, brilliant bands and more leaving your wine party rocking. We also lease PA/sound systems, lighting and more, giving you all of your music needs.


Venues we can arrange, host and facilitate in your desired district even covering specifics if you truly desire, for example, size, décor, lay-out and so forth, all in aid of making your perfect wine tasting experience. 


We offer any style of service befitting your wine tasting event and are always at hand to speak over what your exact wishes are so please feel at ease to notify us.