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Topless waiters/waitress

semi-naked waiter/waitress - uk & europe
Does your dinning event need some extra flare ? We can provide that extra spice to your dinner party, delivering you with our brilliant service of our desirable semi-naked waiters/waitresses. From the relaxed to a silver service sophistication, we can specify to your personal desires and cater to all of your attendees needs, leaving you not just the beauty to see but the chance to really relax and enjoy your dinning event.
We can provide:
Topless waiters/waitresses we will convey some alluring brilliance for your dinning experience by furnishing it with our splendid semi-naked administration team who wish to make your event as unique as possible. You can have talented servers to host your "come dine with me" night, a party or celebration, a "date night" or any other dinning style upon the horizon, also providing different formats of wine matching and more. You can can have all of this with our cheekily dressed semi-naked waiters and waitresses.
Standing service our wide range of topless waiters and waitresses will bring all food, drinks and anything else you wish as part of your service to the guests in an upstanding and proffessional manner and can be any style of cuisine preferred.
Table service you can hire our topless waiters and waitresses to provide you with food service, drink service, wine matching and more, available for any style of event you are preparing. You can implement and even create different menu options with our drink packages, catering and more should you desire.
Silver service our silver service is simply unprecedented. With our topless waiting team transferring food from a serving dish to the guest's plate, these professional servers provide the highest of orders. You can also utilise our silver forks and spoons personally or with our continued service, with wine knowledge, cutlery complexity and more, you can really tailor fit your service as to your desires.
Catering we offer a variety of catering options such as canapés, 7 course dinning amongst other forms, with our team of gourmet maestros and waiting staff at the ready for your special event. Our servers will provide the highest of service and be able to offer alternative options for any attendees with allergies, specific dietary requirements, offer wine know-how and more upon inquiry.
A variety of dress codes we can accommodate as to your wishes regarding attire for your semi-naked service experience, ensuring your event is tailored to absolute perfection. You can elect from items such as trousers, smart shoes, collars, cuffs, dicky bows and more, you can also select specialised items and costumes, provide the options your event deserves.
Drink packages if you desire to hire the services of our topless waiters and waitresses, you may wish to check out our drinks packages also. Whether your party needs champagne, cocktails, shots, cider or any mixture of drinks, we can create an ideal selection of beverages for your event, with the opportunity of our semi-naked waiters and waitresses being in attendance also. You can request one of our menus or design your very own allowing each of your guests to have their preferred tipple.
Wine tasting our wine maestros along with our team of topless waiters and waitresses can be utilised upon command for your wine tasting experience. Treat your palate by tasting your way through some of the worlds most alluring wines and you also have the choice of implementing structures such as quizzes, plate matching, chase the cheese and more, giving you the best of opportunities. 
We want to ensure your experience of our topless waiting service is of the highest standard and is as unique as possible and with that being said, just let us know any thoughts you have regarding anything not being listing or simply for a step by step build of your special event.