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Stag Doos/Parties

stag doo/party ideas - bufflers

A stag party should be an amazing life experience and one not to forget. Waste no time and hire some of the Buffler team to make it a truly brilliant stag party. Whether it be Bufflerette, strippers, butlers or we will cater to your needs, bufflers will make it a stag party to remember! Really treat the stag to a Bufflers surprise and the best female entertainment in the UK and Europe.


We can provide:


Beer wench gift the stag and co the amazing versatility of a Bufflers beer wench. Able to provide your stag party with a splendid mix of drink service, mingling, food service, game structures and more, all whilst cheekily dressed, you can ensure this is your stag party must.


Drink packages whether your stag party needs champagne, cocktails, shots, cider or any mixture of drinks, we can create an ideal selection of beverages for your stag party. You can choose one of our pre-selected menus or design your very own enabling all of your guests to have their desired tipple.


Cocktail classes we can offer many formats when it comes to our cocktail classes from education based options to game structures including such things as our popular "cock-off" or "pull a chair". With our amazing cocktail bars also available with service added with our drink packages, mixologists, servers and more, you can select something perfectly befitting your stag party. 


Portable bars we can provide you bar hire with the option of adding mixologists, servers and more for your stag doo. Just speak to our team and we will accommodate something perfectly fitting your stag parties needs.


Cocktail menu our delightfully crafted menus alongside our themed menus are built for palates of all varieties with our delightful infusions made from the freshest of produce, ensuring all of our tastes are of the peak of their powers. We can also work with you to create a menu built specifically for your stag doo and have it available at your event in menu form or alternatively via PDF.


"RIP" the stag show your show will include a fully nude strip followed by the stripper(s) focusing on the stag or elected person and traditionally humiliating them by involving things such as whipping, waxing, boating and much more ! This show will be advised at 30 minutes but can be shortened or extended upon desire with any stag doo themes and so forth you may have availble to be implemented upon request.  


Female strippers our various erotic female acts offer all types of billings from 10 minute strippergrams to choreographed multi act shows and all that lay between. You may wish to truly personalise your stripper experience by adapting things such as props, dress codes, alternative themes and more into your showing.


Catering our skilled chefs are accessible for your stag party giving any assortment of food you desire, be it from our offered menus or you can even make one of your own with our specialised catering team. Whether your main wish is for buffets, canapés, course dinning... we have each part of your stag doos catering needs secured. In the event that you have a gluten free stag, a stag with nut allergies... just let us know and we will ensure to meet all guideslines.


Wine tasting treat your palate to an amazing wine tasting event with our wine maestros servers and more ready to take your group through the extraordinary world of wines. With add-ons such as plate matching, game structures, catch the cheese and more, you can select what best fits your event.


Pole Shows we can offer you the option of a pole show which is a fabulous attribute to have for your stag group. You can also opt to try out our pole classes where you will play fun structured games amongst the stags and find out just how flexible you are. Any themes that you have for your stag night/weekend can be added as desired.


Caricaturists our creative caricaturists have the skill-set to develop cartoon art showing the features of a subject in a simplified or exaggerated style with the use of sketching, stroke work, definition, weight, shading or other artistic methods capturing an amazing finished result no matter the scale. You can put forward some of the stag's hobbies, tastes, add props and more to make your stag doo as unique an experience as possible.


Photo-booths bring a joyous and fun experience along to your stag doo with a photo-booth. You can utilise props, caricaturists... and enjoy giggles whilst making memories that will last forever with the option of having your photo's directly printed, sent to you, available in merchandise for you and more.


Music hire some of the most illustrious of musicians for your stag doo be it singers, DJ's, bands, tribute acts or something else desired. You can also lease PA/sound systems, lighting, smoke machines and more, meaning you get the opportunity to get all of your music needs arranged in one place.


Games hosting possibly you have games that you wish to incorporate or possibly you wish for us to introduce some, our terrific team can provide either. Our acts are all available to be able to offer some great games hosting providing a variety of formats such as game show style's, team building and more upon request.


Venues we can offer something delightfully in tune with any service needs necessary regarding any venues you may require. Whether your focus is on size, décor, location or anything else, we ensure to host the best facilities for your stag doo celebrations.


Accommodation from hotels to farm houses you can choose the perfect accommodation for your stag party needs. You can elect for your ideal spot based upon location, size, accessibility or anything else that ensures you get exactly what you wish for.


We offer any act or service befitting your hen doo and are always at hand to speak over what your exact wishes are so please feel at ease to notify us.