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Ring/Shot Girls

ring/shot girls - uk & europe

We offer our alluring and talented team of ring/shot girls conveying you a phenomenal administration for your occasion. From major sporting events to club shot girls, we know how versatile and important your occasion's desires are so ensure to provide you with the best of servers making it truly a memorable time.


We can provide:


Ring girls your sporting event needs not just a ring girl but an amazing and interactive Bufflers ring girl. Whether you have an MMA event, boxing event or others, we can provide the most alluring of acts for your audience to card carry, host, introduce and more.


Race girl these radiant beings help in preparing, starting and final flagging race day's, with our females working on tracks as far as WRC. With the most desired checkered flag chics available, let's make your event memorable all round.


Club & Event shot girls whether it be for a festival event, club night, party bus, boat party or as you choose, we have your shot girls at the ready waiting to provide you their unprecedented service. You can opt for specific themes such as a hot pants shot girl to a beer wench, we can provide versatile acts for you and your attendees.


Dresscodes what better way to personalise your event than to have your own chosen dresscode. From checkered flag girls to beer wench shot girls we have a grand array of options for you or you can place your own forward, whatever it takes to perfect your event. 


Venues do you already have a concept of your desired venue ? Are you seeking a race circuit, a host club... ? We can help fine tune every aspect of your facility ensuring your guests have the best hospitality possible at your event.