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Party Bus

bus parties - bufflers entertainment

When it comes to bus parties, Bufflers are a must! With added bonuses such as pole dancers, Bufflers butlers, mixologists, cocktail bars and more, you can treat yourselves with the best of everything with our party buses.


We can provide:


Bufflers butlers/glamour girl treat your party bus attendees can to one or more of our versatile Bufflers butlers and glamour girls, providing things such as meet and greet, drink games, structures and more. You can choose your preferred attire and props to really personalise your experience and make it as unique and forever lasting as possible.


Drink packages you will have a variety of different tastes and desires regarding your goers beverage choices so we offer many drinks package options for your party bus needs. You can also request one of our pre-selected menus or alternatively even design your own consisting of cocktails, shots, cider or anything else your group may wish for.


Cocktail classes whether it's explaining why gin was traditionally used in a Martini cocktail and it turned to a vodka based cocktail after the 40's post war or just making some great cocktails influenced by the taste's of your hen group, our mixologists can deliver a terrific, personalised event meeting all your needs. We can cover any style for any desired event, our famous "cock-off" for fun based drinking events or why not try our informative version "pull a chair", we have a great class structure that will make your garden party truly stand out from the rest.


Portable bars if your bus party has the need for a portable bar, feel free to browse through our great selection, offering something perfect for you. We can provide simply a bar, or you can add mixologists, servers and more to your special event.


Games hosting you can choose to incorporate games you have prepared, have a bundle provided or have our team are create them for you. You can also utilise our acts for games hosting where you can choose from a variety of formats such as game show style's, party bus time, team building and more upon request.


Wine tasting we offer you many formats of wine tasting for your party bus event for example, blindfold test and taste, have I got wine for you, cheese samples and more, it's a genuine treat for the taste buds along with education and fun for your attendees to remember forever.


Private chef/catering our skilled culinary bosses are committed to bringing a genuine eatery feel, and astonishing nourishment to your bus party goers. You can opt to have a stationary set meal, a buffet during the road trip and much more, offering you the versatility to plan around anything else you may have prepared over your period of celebration.


Music we can provide stationary or moving musicians to deliver your bus party their amazing talent. You can opt for singers, DJ's, bands and more leaving your bus party rocking. You can also hire PA/sound systems, lighting, smoke machines and more, ensuring all your musical needs are attended to.


Pole shows there are many different options such as competition based games, constructive classes, visual wows and more available upon request. 


We want to ensure your party bus experience is of the highest standard and is as unique as possible so just let us know any thoughts you have regarding anything not being listing or simply for a step by step build of your special event.