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music events - uk & europe

Do you have a specific concept in mind for your event or would you like any ideas placed forward ? Either way, we can orchestrate the most illustrious of musicians for your musical needs consisting of sensational singers, delightful DJ's, brilliant bands, terrific tribute acts and much more. We can also provide PA/sound systems, lighting, smoke machines and more providing you an ideally gifted opportunity to truly personalise your event, making it a remarkably unique event.


We can provide:


DJ's can provide great sets in many versatile affairs, from wedding playlists to festival and club sets, you can select the DJ experience best fitting your events needs. You can opt for set themed tracklists, choose a decade, mixing or any other genre forms to ensure you have the most upbeat feel and atmosphere possible. 


Bands if you are wishing for the "band experience", we have a great variety such as rock bands, jazz outfits, indie, group singers and more. Select your favourite genre and we will perfectly tailor it to any style of event you have planned such as end of the year affairs, hen/stag parties, birthdays, festivals... whatever you have planned, let us provide you an amazing band, allowing your guests to really enjoy the energy of your gathering.


Singers are always a tremendous treat for the ears. We an provide you with opera singers, ballad singers, pop acts, drag lip-sync or any other sining act you desire providing you with the opportunity to get exactly what would be best fitted for your event. 


Karaoke there aren't many better nights than karaoke nights! We provide the best themed karaoke nights available where you can utilise acts, have selected playlists, decade lists, use your own chosen mix, props or whatever else you desire for your event.


Challenge nights we provide ultra nights including our classics such as "duet duels", "stars in their eyes" and other terrific show formats, along with sound/lighting and so forth available, offering you a truly unique experience along with your selected group.


Tribute acts/bands Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Sting, Elvis, David Bowie... who is your favourite ? We offer the best tribute acts and bands around, providing you the classics along with the best or most comical role-play, costumes, prop use and more all based upon your specific wishes. 


Be an artist treat a friend to the chance of a lifetime and let them play with a band, sing with an act... We also offer limited days where you can spend time with artists and train although you were one, with celebrity artists available also.


We want to ensure your musical experience is as pleasing and unique as possible, and with that being said just let us know any thoughts you have regarding anything not being listing or simply for a step by step build up of your special event.