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Do you have an event forthcoming that you know an erotic male act will be just magical for? Let us tailor your event to perfection with the most versatile and professional male strip acts. If you know the exact style of routine you desire just let us know and we will create your image flawlessly. If you would be best pleased having a step by step build-up of your event where we can offer specifics based upon your event style, theme, group diversity, interaction and so forth. From strippergrams to group routines and all between, we ensure your guests have the most splendid male erotica show !


We can provide:


Strippergram our classic strippergram shows are best tailored to events such as birthdays, hen parties, reunions and so forth, so if that is suited to you and your events needs, we are here. The acts can perform pre-selected routines which last around 10 minutes with complimentary outfits. You can also desire to select specific routines, songs, outfits and more with even more emphasis on making this as unique and remarkable an event for you as possible.


Magic Mikes shows are you desiring the real "Magic Mike" feel ? From angle grinding to 5 piece routines, we can tailor everything from dress code's to music styles for your event. Do you want wish to see our replication of Chan and the guys lap dancing ? Just advise us upon any specifics and we will communicate and construct the best possible "Magic Mike" experience for you and your party goers.


Hen doos your hen doo merits the best in male strip shows and our skilled acts are available for any style of show desired. We can provide you the classic 10 minute strippergram, lap dances, our popular "Tag" the hen shows and more with the chance of applying any themes you have for your hen party.


Ladies nights there are not many ways to beat an amazing ladies night, here is how we can make yours extra special ! We'll tailor every aspect of your male act(s) with amazing routines including things such as grinding, flat work, flaming, group interaction and more. You can select music styles or songs, duration of each act/group. You can have a full set-up based upon your guests, building lay-out and much more giving you an unprecedented uniqueness and feel to your event.


Charity events your charity event will be amazing with our male erotica acts who are available for slot durations and/or choreographed shows. We can utilise such things as raffles, tombola's and more to help raise your charity funds with our terrific team ready to make your event not just shine but also having the aim of reaching your charity's desired target.


Birthday parties treat the birthday celebrations to the amazing presence of a male stripper. It could be a milestone year, for a special person, at any desired location... our dazzling acts can provide your party with any mixture of format, duration and theme wished for your special showing.


Christmas parties we provide all aspects of your male stripper experience to tailor any of your specific desires and have the ability to bring in an array of dress codes, alternative themes, Christmas props and more to ensure your event is truly lit up.


Dress codes you can select your male entertainer(s) to be in fire-fighter, construction, police officer, fantasy outfits or any other attire desired. You can also opt for the stripper(s) turning up in tune to any theme you may have, giving the optimum of possibilities for your special event. We do offer complimentary dress codes if preferred.


Venues we can provide you with the best of facilities for your event covering all aspects, for example, size, décor, situation and so forth, ensuring your male stripper experience has the best foundation possible.


Is there something you desire that is mentioned above ? We are prepared to take your male stripper experience to the next level so if there is anything further than the prior mentioned you desire, please do not hesitate to advise us upon such.