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magicians/illisuionists  - uk & europe

You can elect for a magnificent Bufflers magician showcasing the art of magic, illusion, showmanship and deception for you and your guests, fitted delightfully to your needs and desires regarding what you want from your magical experience. Your spectacle will be an interactive experience from start to finish, containing the highest of accolades representative during. Appearances may be deceiving, and as with everything, there's more than meets the eye so let us tailor fit to your parties needs from up close table magic or theatre drops, just inform us of your specifics and let us wave our wands.


We can provide:


Meet and greet we know how much first impressions will mean at your special event so why not opt for a variety of showmanship upon entry to leave your guests in awe. You can chose anything from close up magic to illusionary, giving you the opportunity to tailor fit to each and every need you have along with the desires of atmospheres wishing to be created upon arrival of your guests.


Show's and spectacles for our full showings and spectacles, you have many options covering all aspects of expertise in the field consisting of magic, illusion, deception, mentalism, shownmanship and more, available to provide the best of performances for your special event. These performances can be deligated or choreographed to your every need, ensuring your guests can have a spontaneous, eye-catching magic show that will live long in your memories. 


Mentalism your mentalist performance will create the impression in the minds of the audience that the performer possesses special powers to read thoughts, predict events, control other minds, and similar feats. This can be an on stage showing, in a cabaret setting, before small close-up groups, or even for one spectator. 


Get a Stage Illusionist stage illusions can be performed for larger audiences, box roomed for smaller and we ensure to opt for the best fit regarding the number of attendees that you will have present. This type of magic is distinguished by large-scale props, the use of assistants and often the use exotic animals, illustrating great shownmanship along with an amazing spectacle. 


Close-up magic with the audience in close proximity to the magician and sometimes even one-on-one, the magician will use props such as cards, coins and more creating amazing and seemingly 'impromptu' effects which can also be altered to a "table magic" scenario if you wish for some dinning entertainment. A great way for a simple and effecting mingle ability to liven your events atmosphere.


Street magic to advertise to on-goers, for village parties, garden events and more, a street magician can offer an amazing experience for your event. Usually performed surrounded by the audience or approaching unsuspecting members "in the street", this style of magic can compress many forms such as close-up magic, table magic, swift illusions, mentalism and more upon demand.


Games hosting you can opt for one or more of our magicians to provide some delightful games hosting and can even partake in said games. If you have a routine in mind then we will make it come to life but should you have the desire for us to arrange a games hosting event then we can offer a great variety of style from game show formats to party games, we have a great selection for you.


Venues your magic event can take many forms from over a 1000 attendees at an auditorium to a quiet gathering and with that in mind, we seek to ensure if you need a venue, we will establish the best space for your special event.


We offer any style of magic show befitting your event and are always at hand to speak over what your exact wishes are.