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Life Modelling

life modelling/drawing - Bufflers Entertainment

Regardless of whether it is to add a touch of flavour to your hen party, has an instructive premise or anything between, our male or female life model/drawing sessions are accessible for your occasion. We offer our complimentary material bundle of paper, pencils and sharpeners or you can ask about our elective materials list which incorporates any semblance of clay create, pastels, painting, A-frames and that's only the tip of the iceberg, offering you an opportunity to make your occasion as one of a kind as could be expected. Our male and female life models can pause dramatically going from the Cesar to the Bowl Of Fruit and you can decide to have a tutor present should you wish for a more top to bottom understanding. Bufflers life models and mentors are of the most noteworthy, accompanying long periods of life drawing experience.


We can provide:


Models we can offer either/both male and female models suited to your event's needs and desires. You can choose to opt for added props and other specifics with our models able to perform any postures required for your aristic experience.


Tutors if you wish to be taken through the craftmanship of the art form you can opt to incorporate this more detailed style of service. With knowledge of pottery, painting, drawing and other forms of art, you can ensure your event is perfectly fit. We can also offer amazing passages through the techniques and influences of some of the greatest artists, providing the most unique experience for you and your guests.


Stationary we can offer you a variety of equipment such as charcoals, oils, clays, pastels, paints, clipboards, A-frames and more. Speak with our team and get the perfect fit for your event, whether it be fun or education based, we have plenty of options for you.


Caricatures our skilled caricaturists any drawing needs for your event, bringing an amazing vision to life experience. With the artist able to model a 3D computer image, gradually adding definition, weight, and colour, with other enhancements such as shading and texture, our caricaturists can bring any style of cartoon figures, comic-vision and more to the table.


Props utilise our props section or feel free to utilise some that you have. Props are an amazing way to put a real twist and personalisation on your event and always ensures plenty of giggles and great memories. You can also add dress codes and play further into themes/ideas between poses, just notify our team and we will accommodate to your exact wishes.


Music music for your life drawing experience can take many forms and we can provide you the peace of background playlists, live performers and more, offering you the opportunity to put your own touch to the occasion. 


Wine tasting our wine maestros are available for your life drawing event along with our team of servers and other acts can also be utilised upon command. We offer your party the chance not just to treat your palate but to implement different structures for your event such as plate matching, catch the cheese and more, giving you the best of opportunities for your event.


Venues when it comes to choosing a venue, a lot can be left wanting. We aim to cover all of your wishes wether it be down to design, size, lay-out and so forth, we will have all aspects covered for your event. 


We offer any act or service befitting your life drawing and are always at hand to speak over what your exact wishes are so please feel at ease to notify us.