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LGBT Nights

LGBT nights - bufflers entertainment

We can tailor your LGBT night times wherever in the UK to faultlessness with everything from men's clubs, Bufflers head workers, buffets, canapés, strippers, charm mike's, photo corners and a mess more. There's a reason Bufflers LGBT night times are the best. likewise, we can help with headway and advancement for the event with flyers, announcements...


We can provide:


Bufflers butlers/glamour girl we can accommodate your LGBT event with our super versatile butlers and glamour girls, providing things such as meet and greet, drink and food service, games hosting, wine tasting and more. You can opt for different attire and props to really personalise your experience and make it as unique and memorable as possible.


Cabarets with many offerings available be it heckling, lip-sync, cabaret shows and more, you can select the perfect solution for your LGBT night ensuring your drag act lives forever in the memory. You can inform us of any themes you may have and they can be implemented at ease with styles of drag such as Androgyny, Faux queen, Fish, Goth, Paegant, Fluid and more available upon request.


Magic Mike shows are you desiring the real "Magic Mike" feel ? From angle grinding to 5 piece routines, we can tailor everything from dress code's to music styles for your event. Do you want wish to see our replication of Chan and the guys lap dancing ? Just advise us upon any specifics and we will communicate and construct the best possible "Magic Mike" experience for you and your party goers.


Strip shows we'll tailor every aspect of your LGBT night with our female and/or male act(s) possessing amazing routines including things such as grinding, flat work, flaming, group interaction and more. You can select music styles or songs, duration of each act/group, have a full set-up based upon your guests, building lay-out and much more giving you an unprecedented uniqueness and feel to your event.


Photo-booths bring a joyous and fun experience along to your LGBT night with a photo-booth. You can utilise props and enjoy giggles whilst making memories that will last forever with the option of having your photo's directly printed, sent to you, available in merchandise for you and more.


Drink packages we understand that you will have a mixture of different tastes and desires regarding beverages at your LGBT night, with that in mind, we aim to ensure we cover all possibilities be it cocktails, shots, cider or anything else. You can also request one of our pre-selected menus or alternatively even design your own special LGBT event version.


Catering our gourmet maestros are available for your LGBT party providing any variety of cuisine you desire, be it from our chosen menus or one that you wish to create with our catering team. From buffets and canapés, to 7 course dinning and all that lay between, we have every aspect of your LGBT parties catering covered. If you have a gluten free attendee, an attendee with nut sensitivity... simply let us know and we will tailor fit everything for you.


Caricaturists you can choose to select a caricaturist for your LGBT party and opt to add concepts, props and more built to your desires, tastes and so forth, offering your event goers a truly unique and memorable experience. Our amazing artists possess the skill to create cartoon art showing the features of it's subject in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching, definition, weight, shading, stroke work, or other artistic movements capturing an amazing end result no matter the scale. 


Music hire some of the most illustrious of musicians for your event be it sensational singers, delightful DJ's, brilliant bands, terrific tribute acts and more leaving your LGBT party rocking. We also lease PA/sound systems, lighting, smoke machines and more, meaning you get the opportunity to get all of your music needs arranged swiftly.


Portable bars if your LGBT party has the need for a portable bar, feel free to browse through our great selection, offering something perfect for you. We can provide simply a bar, or you can add mixologists, servers and more to your special event.


Venues we know just how special your LGBT event is to you so we will seek the most perfect spot for you no matter the size, décor, location or anything else, we will source the best possible foundation for your LGBT night. 


We want to ensure your LGBT nights stands out and is as unique as possible, that being said just let us know any thoughts you have regarding anything not being listing or simply for a step by step build up of your special event.