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Ladies Nights

ladies nights - uk & europe

Do you wish to have your ladies night custom fitted to flawlessness ? We offer a bit by bit manual for making the most permanent occasion for you, from Cabarets to cooking and all between, are group are primed and ready to guarantee your occasion is of the best quality. We can even help with advancement and notice for the occasion with flyers, announcements, etc guaranteeing your occasion is only a triumph !


We can provide:


Bufflers butlers our Bufflers butlers are available to bring their delightful service to your ladies night. You can choose many options of roles within this position such as drink service, food service, photo-booths, mingling and more, along with the visual pleasure of our Bufflers butlers being cheekily dressed.


Magic Mikes/male strippers our tremendous variety of male erotica acts can perform anything from 10 minute strip-cloth showings to our fully choreographed multi-act shows. We can portray Magic Mike scenes such as angle grinding, flame shows and more. You can choose to further personalise your ladies night by adapting props, dress codes, alternative themes and more into your showing, having the opportunity to make it as unique an experience as possible. 


Cabarets with many offerings available be it heckling, lip-sync, cabaret shows and more, you can select the perfect solution for your ladies night ensuring your drag act lives forever in the memory. You can inform us of any themes you may have and they can be implemented and should there be a charity aspect, we have many featured extras for things such as money raising so let us know what you most desire from your showing.


Drink packages we understand that you will have a mixture of different tastes and desires regarding beverages at your ladies night, with that in mind, we aim to ensure we cover all possibilities be it cocktails, shots, cider or anything else. You can also request one of our pre-selected menus or alternatively even design your own special ladies night version.


Photo-booths bring the joys of one of Bufflers photo-booths to your event. You can utilise props and themes, our acts and more to make this a truly remarkable occasion for you and your ladies night attendees. We also offer printed photo's available at the event, posted after the event or even brought forward in merchandise such as t-shirts, key rings and more.


Catering if you wish to have catering for your ladies night, then simply inquire regarding our menu's or you can even choose to create your very own menu. You can select seated course based dinning, buffets and spreads, sweets such as chocolate fountains and more. You also have the opportunity to hire our waiting service and other acts can be utilised during your catering experience and we can also custom fit any allergies or preferences of your guests.


Waiter/waitresses with male and female servers available, our waiting team are at hand to bring great service for you and your guests. We can also provide your ladies night with wine matching, palate parties and more, just advise upon any wishes you have and let us deliver to your utmost expectations. 


Music hire some of the most illustrious of musicians for your ladies night, be it sensational singers, delightful DJ's, brilliant bands, terrific tribute acts and more leaving your event rocking. We also lease PA/sound systems, lighting, smoke machines and more, meaning you get the opportunity to get all of your music needs arranged swiftly.


Caricaturists you can choose to select a caricaturist for your ladies night and opt to add concepts, props and more built to your desires, tastes and so forth, offering your event goers a truly unique and memorable experience. Our amazing artists possess the skill to create cartoon art showing the features of it's subject in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching, definition, weight, shading, stroke work, or other artistic movements capturing an amazing end result no matter the scale. 


Portable bars we have a grand array of portable bars that can be utilised in any location, environment and so forth. You can also have our Bufflers mixologists, drinks packages, servers and more available for your ladies night all upon request.


Games hosting if you can have some games that you wish to incorporate, that is great and if you wish for some to be tailor fitted to your ladies night, our team are available to create them for you. Our acts are all available to be able to offer some great games hosting providing a variety of formats such as game show set-ups, team building and more, all available upon request.


Venues we know how special your ladies night is to you so we ensure that no matter if the details come down to the size, décor, situation or anything else, we will source the best possible foundation for your ladies night. 


We want to ensure your ladies nights stands out and is as unique as possible, that being said just let us know any thoughts you have regarding anything not being listing or simply for a step by step build up of your special event.