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Hot Tubs

hot tubs - bufflers

If you're thinking of using a hot tub for your event, regardless of the style we can tailor your event with our fabulous range of tubs and added extras such as Bufflers butlers/topless waitresses as servers, different lighting effects and much more available. Our service can be supplied to any location you desire with our fabulously versatile and amazing hot tub service.


We can provide:


MIAMI tub our amazing and cosy 2-4 person hot tub (our smallest tub) is perfectly fitted and specialised for your magical moments.


PARIS tub this tremendous tub is a 4-6 person light controlled hot tub. The best hot tub of the winter months as they have built in controllable lights and also come with a gazebo, side table and drinks holder. The perfect small party gathering choice.


VEGAS tub this fabulous 4-6 person hot tub (exactly the same as the Paris but without built-in lights), is the summer time classic. With our added chill cool box option, you can rest assured you get the best from the summer vibes.


HAWAII tub our Luxury Tub is a beautiful paradise 4-6 person that needs no explanation.


MONACO tub our largest tub of 8 person comes with a gazebo, side table and lighting, along with our coolbox and a butler or topless waitress.


Bufflers butlers a great mixture of drink service, party games and other traits, a Bufflers butler is a great server to all your hot tub needs!


Beer wench/topless waitress enrol our sweltering beer wenches and topless servers to serve your hot tub parties beverages throughout your event. With unfathomable amusements encouraging moreover in their locker, you can be ensured these are the get-together people to have at your stag do.


Cocktail stands/portable bar we can offer totally provided flexible bars to all ranges in in the UK, and boast the best mixologists and bar staff to keep running with it. From our illustrious to our to our untouchable cocktail menus and crafts, you can look no further to perfection.


Cocktail menu just solicit to get one from our fabulous cocktail menus, and we likewise supply our menus for cocktail drink classes/events and bar packages deals, whatever your hot tub event desires. These are amazing and freshly crafted mixed drink beverages, with the best of manifestations, we are ensured to have something for everyone.