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Gentlemens Nights

gents nights - bufflers entertainment

What will make your gentlemen's night special ? Do you desire canapés, erotic acts, photo booths... we know what it takes to make such a night perfect and we are dedicated to making yours just as such. We will tailor every aspect and make it as unique an event for you as possible, offering either us perfecting to your taste's and needs or you advising upon your exact requirements, either option, flawless is the Bufflers way.


We can provide:


Beer wenches can be the most magnificent requirement for your event and guests. Not only can you have the incredible service our beer wenches provide but you can have them in different costumes, themes and so forth, ensuring your event is perfectl fine tuned and your guests can relax and enjoy our alluring team of beer wenches.


Female strippers our dazzling stage exhibitions can provide anything from 10 minute single girl shows to full evening group shows with the most splendid of choreographed routines. We can provide anything upon desire and are welcome to all suggestions ensuring your event is as perfect for you and your guests as possible. 


Cabarets lyp-syncing, hosting, meet and greet, a drag show, karaoke and more are all available for your special night. Run us over your desired running or opt for some concepts placed forward, either way we will perfectly tailor your drag queen experience.


Drink packages we know your guests may have different tastes and dependant upon your gentlemens nights and so forth we can tailor to each need deemed necessary. Does your event need champagne, cocktails, beer, cider... there could be many or a mixture of drinks best suited to yor needs, let us create your perfect selection of beverages.


Photo-booths bring a joyous and fun experience along to your gentlemens night with a photo-booth. You can utilise props and enjoy giggles whilst making memories that will last forever ensuring your guests never forget your ladies night. You can have the photo's directly printed, now that's how to capture happiness.


Catering if you wish to provide catering for your event, then simply inquire for our menu's available. We provide seated private chef course based dinning, we provide buffets and spreads, sweets such as chocolate fountains and so forth. We provide the waiting service upon request also offering more pleasantries for your party goers.


Music we offer tailored music to your gentlemens event bringing uniquness with whatever you desire, a karaoke ? A DJ to play at the end of your acts to switch the tempo ? A band for your main event ? A solo artist for a few numbers between acts performances ? We will be able to arrange a great running for any music act you feel drawn towards, providing impeccable talent to your ears.


Portable bars we have a grand array of portable bars that can be utilised for your gentlemens night be it in any location, environment and so forth. We also have our Bufflers mixologists available for your event alongside drink packages, waiters/waitresses and whatever else you desire your event to possess.


Venues can be desired in all forms and provided to your exact taste's. We know that your event is special and you wish your attendees to be best fitted, we offer everything from size tailored to ambience and anything between, we don't just cater to your needs but bring your dreams to reality!


We offer any act or service befitting your gentlemens night and are always at hand to speak over what your exact wishes are so please feel at ease to notify us.