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Garden Parties

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From the elegant Bufflers butler drink service, to a Buffler BBQ and everything in between, Bufflers will make your garden party stand out from the rest. Get your Buffler stamp of approval with our cheekily dressed Bufflers butlers.


We can provide:


Bufflers butlers/glamour girl we can equip your garden party with our supremely versatile Bufflers butlers and glamour girls who provide you options such as meet and greet, drink and food service, games hosting, wine tasting and more. You can browse through attire and prop options giving you the chance to truly personalise your experience and make it as unique and memorable a garden party as possible.


Cabarets with many formats available be it heckling, lip-sync, cabaret shows and more, you can choose the ideal fit for your garden party, ensuring your drag act experience provides the best memories. You can inform us of any themes you may have and they can be implemented at ease with styles of drag such as Androgyny, Faux queen, Fish, Goth, Pageant, Fluid and more available upon request.


Caricaturists you can decide to choose a caricaturist for your garden gathering and pick to include themes, concepts, props and more worked to your leisure activities, personal and guests tastes, etc, offering your occasion goers a genuinely exceptional and important experience. Our astonishing specialists have the expertise to make animation craftsmanship demonstrating the highlighted subject in a disentangled or overstated manner through drawing, definition, weight, concealing, stroke work, or other aesthetic developments catching an astounding final product regardless of the scale. 


Catering our gourmet team are available for your garden party providing any variety of cuisine you desire, be it from a selection from our chosen menus or one that you desire to create with our catering team. From buffets and canapés, to 7 course dinning and all that lay between, we have every aspect of your events catering set. If you have a gluten free attendee, a hen with nut sensitivity... simply let us know and we will tailor fit everything for you.


Standing service our variety of servers will bring all food, drinks and anything else you wish as part of your service to the guests in an upstanding and professional manner. This is available for any style of cuisine desired at your garden party. 


Table service you can hire our waiting team to provide you with amazing services such as food service, drink service, wine matching, plate service and more available for your garden party. We can help station tables and create organisational plans for your event also.


Silver service our silver service will offer you the chance to have our waiting team who are specialised in transferring food from a serving dish to the guest's plate, with these professional servers providing the highest of orders. You can also elect for our silver tongue presentation, personally or with our continued service, with wine know-how, cutlery complexity and more, you can really tailor fit your service as to your desires.


Wine tasting our wine maestros are indeed available for your event along with our team of servers and other acts that can also be utilised upon request. We give your garden party the opportunity to not just treat your palate but to implement alternative structures for your event such as plate matching, cheese sampling and more.


Entertainment browse through our choices of party games, acts, magicians, comedians and other entertainment options to find what you desire when it comes to your special event. We can befit anything that suits your garden party and offer our Bufflers team to arrange everything for you.


Music have some of the most illustrious of musicians for your garden party such as sensational singers, delightful DJ's, brilliant bands, terrific tribute acts and more leaving party rocking. If you also wish for equipment we can also provide PA/sound systems, lighting, smoke machines and more, giving you the chance to get everything arranged swiftly.


Garden parties are always brilliant and guarantee a great time, great food and drink you can't really go wrong. Whether it's sunny with a lovely open garden, in a filed or a marquee we can provide some glam, elegance and the professionalism to leave your guests in oar.