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Drag Queens

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With the special one gathering host's prepared at your call, your occasion merits the genuine Bufflers drag queen occasion. Regardless of whether you want a blend and blend, lip-adjust, satire, meet and welcome, karaoke or some other help we offer the most flexible of men's clubs to guarantee your occasion can be calibrated to all of your wants. On the off chance that you wish for a birthday karaoke appear, a women night full show... it doesn't make a difference the purpose behind your occasion, we realize that it is so exceptional to you and it is to us likewise, your occasion will be taken into account in view of such.


We can provide:


Hosting as great a host as any, your drag act will deliver a great service from meet and greet, seating service, drinks upon entrance and during, heckling and more. This is such a pleasant way for your guests to be introduced and hosted to during your special event.


Classic drag a classic drag show will offer you the chance to have an experience of a lifetime. With our usual format being x2 20/30 minute slots, our drag acts each provide an amazing array of displays with their unprecedented heckling, lip-sync battles, anecdotal comedy and more.


Tailored show your full show can consist of any drag style(s) desired, you can add and mix comedy, cabaret, lip-sync battles, drag races, karaoke or anything else to your desired drag queen experience. If you have any themes for your event, they can also be implemented to bring a special uniqueness for you and your attendees. 


Comedy show our drag acts literally define comedy with there amazing joke telling, puns, heckling, karaoke, great crowd interaction and more, you can be assured of plenty of laughs all around with the best drags in the business.


Cabaret show you can elect for a cabaret performance which will feature recitation, music, song, dance, drama and more. We can provide these incredible shows at a pub, a restaurant, a hotel, a casino, a nightclub or anywhere else you desire. The audience can be seated dinning and/or drinking for this style of showing as it usually consists of table set-ups.


Ladies nights your ladies night can have a drag act perfectly tailored to your guests needs. With every service available be it heckling, lip-sync and so forth, we can ensure to give you a specific drag experience that will never be repeated and forever live your the minds of your attendees.


Photo-booths create some true amazing memories and leave possessing some magnificent memorabilia with one of our photo-booths for you and your guests at your ladies night. You can add some props, the drag and other acts and much more, giving your images some true uniqueness.


Games whichever style of event you have planned, why not have a drag as your centre of games attention, what could be funnier? With a tremendous mixture of fun, creativity and team work, we can definitely deliver the best joy to your event with one of our glorious drag acts, ensuring you can select as unique a games as you desire and make it as special an experience as possible.


Drag styles we can offer any of the following styles:

Androgyny, Faux queen, Fish, Club, Pageant, Goth, Fluid drag, Transdrag, Traminal, Camp and Activessle. If you do not already know the specifics of what you wish for, we can work with you to tailor the best fit.