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Cocktail classes/portable bars

cocktail class/portable bars - uk & europe

Everybody loves a cocktail class/portable bar, whether it be a stirred martini or a cosmopolitan, your guests will all have their favourite ! Providing anything from a professionally dressed mixologists, or a Bufflers butler as a mixologists, we can tailor to each of your parties needs and wants. Do you desire drink packages, waiters, personalised meus... we don't just do cocktail classes and offer portable bars, we bring your event to life and whatever you imagine your perfect celebration to consist of, we will bring that to fruition and ensure the memories last forever. We constantly change and progress our service to ensure we are always providing the best in cocktail craft along with impeccable accessibility.


We provide:


Mixologists our mixologists simply excel in their field of expertise coming with a grandiose amount of knowledge and the skill-set to re-create any cocktail you desire. With the ability to host a variety of event style's from bar service to game structures and all between, you can create the perfect module for your event. 


Cocktail menu please inquire to recieve one of our amazing cocktail menus and we can also supply menus for cocktail classes/events upon request. Our carefully crafted menus are built for different taste's and desires, these delightful infusions are made with the freshest of produce ensuring all our flavours are of the peak of excellence. You can even have a menu personally made for your special event available in menu form or PDF.


Bufflers butlers what an amazing added zist a Bufflers butler can bring. The can get involved in cocktail classes, offer a cheeky drink service simply serving your beverages, play and host fantastic games and much more, ensuring your event has that cheeky added allure.


Cocktail packages we offer our pre-selcted cocktail packages for your ease of selection, season based packages, spirit select packages and you can even select and put your own package together. If you have a preferrence to gin, a friend who can't drink (we'll offer mocktails), shaken, stirred, flamed or any other idealistics please feel free to advise as to them and we will tailor the best to your needs.


Cocktail classes wether it's explaining why gin was traditionally used in a Maritini cocktail and it turned to a vodka based cocktail after the 40's post war or just making some great summer time cocktials, our mixologists can deliver a terrific, personalised event meeting all your needs. We can cover any style for any desired event, our famous "cock-off" for fun based drinking events or why not try our informative version "pull a chair", we have a great class structure that will make your event stand out from the rest.


Portable bars we have a grand array of portable bars that can be utilised in any location, environment and so forth. We can provide any of the listed services alongside our portable bar hire or you can simply hire the bar solely. 


Venues if you are yet to select a venue then feel free to get in contact and we can assist in seeking the most well suited spot fit perfectly for your event.


We know your event is special so if you have any queries please feel free to advise.