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Do you have an occasion requiring food upon the skyline ? Our gourmet specialists alongside their expertise are available to you. We can furnish you with any style of cuisine you want should that be from our chosen menus or you can even make your very own menu carrying more prominent uniqueness to your uncommon occasion. From buffets, "canapés" right to 7 course suppers and everything that lay between, we truly spread all angles. Have a gluten free visitor, somebody with a nut sensitivity... ? Simply let us know and we can tailor everything to your accurate wishes.


We can provide:


Private chef our culinary masters are set and ready to bring mouth-watering dishes to your event. With years of training, our chefs are assured to provide the most divine food created with passion and the freshest of ingredients. No matter the style, our master chefs are available to bring anything from "canapés" to sit down courses.


Waiter/waitresses making your table service as splendidly pleasant and charming as possible, enter our waiting team. With either gender available, we can assure to bring great service leaving you and your guests all the time needed to enjoy your delicious food and company. We can also provide levels of wine matching and more, just advise upon any wishes you have and let us deliver to your utmost expectations. 


A La Carte browse through our delightful menus and select some of our brilliantly crafted dishes. We have several menus based upon different cuisines, tastes and so forth or you can even create your own menu. We can be versatile around any allergies so please feel at ease to advise upon any that may be possessed by your party goers.


Food events debating what to do for activites for your special event ? Why not query and ask about our delightfully fun food based events such as pizza tossing, pancake flipping, chocolate making and much more to your experience. We base these games around many things from quizzes to time-trials, whatever most appeases you and your group.


Canapés our canapés can be tailored to your events very needs, anything from smoaked salmon puff pastries to crispy arancini balls and anything between. Filled with amazing flavours our canapés are of the highest quality and can be tailored to your event in regards of any allergies and specific tastes. With the freshest ingredients and several menus available (you can even tailor your own), we ensure our canapés are perfect for you.


Buffet do you have a wedding, christening, birthday or any other event needing a buffet spread ? We offer the best of Buffets caterig to all your events needs. We have several menus available upon request or you can even tailor your own to make it even more unique.


Theme nights whether you desire to custom towards your guests or just fancy a spot of a paricular cultures cuisine, then you have found us well. We can cater to all desires with our carefully selected menus or we can even help create a menu based on your specific taste's and desires.


Drink service we will make sure our butlers/waiters mantain attentiveness to all drinks, and keep them flowing throughout the service, and can also provide drinks packages based upon your selection or our prior selected menus.


Wine tasting taste your way through some great wine's with amazing variety. We can do plate matching with our wine packages, regional preferrences, colour sessions and much more, just advise upon any specific desires you may have and we will cater to each and every one of them.


Cocktail classes get together in the creative art of making a perfect cocktail it can be great fun. Whether you want it before, after or one of our special plate to cocktail during meal match package, just inquire. We have the perfect selection of cocktails to cover all occassions and can create anything for you upon request. 


Portable bar if your event is desiring the use of a portable bar, whether it be casual drink service or cocktails, we can arrange great package deals! You can add drink bundles to your portable bar hire or alternatively you can simply hire the bar, whatever best suits your events needs !


A variety of dresscodes our team can be dressed exactly to your events taste's and needs. Do you prefer cheekily dressed, formal... however you wish please just advise as to your events precise desires and we will ensure your event is tailored to absolute perfection. 


A fun variety of games Fine Dine, Balloon Dares, Cucumber Race, Place The Plaster, Blindfolded Kiss, The Ice Cube Melters, Who Is It and much more.... just let us know if you wish to have games involved and browse our selection. Even if you have your own games arranged, our team can arrange, host and participate in said games. 


Music Acts we can provide any form of music from bands to solo artists and all between. Our musicians are of the best of quality and can be tailored to your event in every aspect, ensuring your party goers have the best of melodical effects.


If there anything you wish to inquire, that is not stated here, please feel at ease to contact us.