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caricaturists - uk & europe

Our fantastic caricaturists can cover any drawing needs for your event. These are great add-ons to such events as hen parties and life modelling, with the artist able to model a 3D computer image, gradually adding definition, weight, and colour, with other enhancements such as shading and texture.


We can provide:


Caricaturists our amazing artists have the ability to render images showing the features of it's subject in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching, definition, weight, shading, stroke work, or other artistic movements capturing an amazing end result no matter the scale. You can choose to select a caricaturist for your event no matter the style, we offer you the best in professional cartoon art.


Tutor a caricaturist has the unique ability to bring many laughs along with their incredible life inspired cartoon art in addition to providing you with the knowledge of art itself. With different materials available, you can opt to make your tutor experience as tailored to your desires as possible and will direct you through your event with pleasure.


Props utilise our props section or feel free to utilise some that you have to bring an extra edge to your caricature experience. Props are an amazing way to put a real twist and personalisation on your event and always ensures plenty of giggles and great memories. You can also add dress codes and play further into themes/ideas between poses, just notify our team and we will accommodate to your exact wishes.


Stag/hen parties from group photos to solo creations, you can choose your desired style befitting your event. Offering tutor services, simple art shows and more, we can ensure your stag/hen party has the most amazing of cartoon art experiences.


Ladies, gentlemens and charity events do you wish to have a time-slot with complimentary images for your guests or maybe you wish to raise money from your caricature experience, a corner booth... there are many ways we can ensure your event has the utmost of everything desired. Inquire regarding using some of ours or even your own props to make this a truly unique experience for your guests.


Birthday parties you and your guests can enjoy the amazing delight of one or more of our caricaturists. Bringing their amazing cartoon art to your birthday party and offering the ability for learning based structures, simple postcard sketches and many more formats.


Christmas parties a christmas party should always provides the best of memories and yours should be no different. Our caricaturists can be hired in many formats from a p/p cost per image created, to a time slot option and all between. Invlove some christmas props to really make a unique passing for your event and leave your guests looking forward to the next christmas party with joy.


Business events you can incoporate your caricature experience along with the launch of new products, end of season parties, retirement parties and much more to make it a very delightful experience. Ensure your business event glows like it truly deserves to, leaving your employees and clientel in awe. 


LGBT nights full of fun, colourful, joyful times and what better a way to make memories than to have an amazing caricaturist bring a cartoon style of illustration to your event. We can provide a variety of formats and set-ups for your event and love being a part of such settings, ensuring your experience is as joyous as possible.


We offer any style of caricature experience befitting your wishes and are always at hand to speak over what your exact desires are.