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business launch - uk & europe

We know how truly hard you work on your business and to celebrate that endeavour we have what you need to make your business event spectatular. We can tailor your event based on whatever product, re-launch, opening and so forth themes to match your needs in every way, shape and form. We can offer everything from meet and greet acts, to canapes, buffets and much more, just let us know your specifics and let us do what we do best in making your event the most magical and memorable of times.


We can provide:


Bufflers butlers/glamour girls your business deserves the best and our cheekily dressed team can offer just that. With amazing meet and greet available for your clients, mingling, games hosting and much more, we can ensure that your guests will remember your new business venture with great pleasure. 


Drink packages we know your guests may have different tastes and dependant upon your new product, re-launch and so forth we can tailor to each need deemed necessary. Does your business need champagne, cocktails, beer, cider... there could be many or a mixture of drinks best suited to yor needs, let us create your perfect selection of beverages.


A fun variety of games there is no better way to get your guests joyous and interacting than to have us hosting some brilliant games. This will help put clients in a positive frame of mind and allow them to relax and focus on your new venture. We can offer specific, tailored games for your idealistics, host pre-selected games or anything else to ensure these are the utmost success amongst your goers.


Cocktail stands/portable bar will your attendees desire a portable bar to go along with your selected drink packages ? We can offer different style and sized bars to meet your needs and room measurements, making sure you have the best possible images infront of potential and current clients.


Wine tasting allow yourself and your clientel to taste your way through some incredible wine's with extraordinary assortment and diversity in regions. We can offer game, quiz and so forth based upon your event needs, for example, blindfold test and taste, have I got wine for you and more, it's a genuine treat for the taste buds along with education and fun for your attendees to remember forever.


Male/female strippers hire one or more of our erotic dancer(s) to really get a memorable reaction from your event. This may not be your best fit but be assured if it is, it'll be an absolute moment to treasure for you and your prospects.


Pole Shows this could be an amazing fit for your clientel/workers with the appreciation able to be taken both as an in face or scenery aspect. You can even have your attendees participate in a structured or casual style educational session, offering an exisite delight and with various styles, themes, dresscodes... nothing but the best for your event.


Music do you know a style of music you would desire ? Would you like a DJ with a pre-selected or a self chosen playlist, an elegant singer, a funk band or anything else ? We can help select anything based upon your specifics and design something to intergrate your goers with great extras such as karaoke and more.


Catering the perfect way to guarantee your goers are relaxed, satisfied and ready to look into your new project. We can provide you canapés, buffets, seated private chef plating and much more with selected or designed menus and much more, all specifically set for your needs with the best catering team and private chefs dedicated to provide the most splendid of services.


Private chefs really impress your clientel/workers with the most indelible of dishes at your selection. We can tailor menus, provide themed services and even have set menus prepared to ensure your booking is as smooth and well structured for you as possible so let our award winning chefs take your event to the next level.


Caricaturists our fantastic Caricaturists can cover any drawing needs for your event. Creating funny cartoon pictures can be a great way to generate some amazing memories and a terrific feel good factor for yourself and your clientel.


Venues what do you most desire from your venue ? Is it decor orientated, are you mainly seeking capacity, a set bar, seating possibilities, something else or maybe all of the stated ? We will select everything with your utmost of interests at heart to ensure your launch well and truly takes off !


We want to ensure your business event is of the highest standard and is as unique as possible, with that being said, just let us know any thoughts you have regarding anything not being listing or simply for a step by step build of your special event.