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Buff Butlers/Beer Wench

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Whether you're planning a hen party, birthday or any other event, our hunky Bufflers butlers with cater to your parties every need. From games hosting, drink service along with mixology and other extras, our butlers are the "must have" at every event.


We can provide:


Meet and greet please your guests upon entry with our desirable, cheekily dressed butlers and beer wenches providing their delightful meet and greet service. You can elect to have photo-hall's, champagne service and more incorporated, ensuring plenty of smiles with our dedicated and professional team.


Drink and food service if you desire table service, canapés, tray service or any other style of service, enjoy the pleasure of that service being provided along with the atention of our cheekily dresses Bufflers butlers and beer wenches.


Games hosting whether it's bringing games to host, hosting your prepared games or simply getting involved, our Bufflers butlers and beer wenches come with enthusiasm and joy in their step. You can choose to select from our classic range of interactive, team building... with classic games such as Mr and Mrs, Bufflers butlers, Balloon Dares, Cucumber Race, Hen party, Toilet roll Bride, Place The Plaster, Blindfolded Kiss, The Ice Cube Melters, Who Is It and much more.... 


Cocktail classes there are so many ways to adapt our incredible Bufflers butlers and beer wenches into your cocktail class. We can add them to assist you crafting in team and singular games, hosting as a mixologist, judging and plenty more, also bringing the semi-dressed pleasure as always.


Wine tasting add an extra pair of hands to your wine event and give yourselves a real treat for the eyes along with the taste buds. With all wines poured with profession, along with cheese boards, olive trays and more presented in the highest of fashions, assuring your wine tasting event is extra special with a Bufflers butler or beer wench.


A variety of dress codes your Bufflers butler or beer wench experience can be in the attire best desired for your event. You can go for formal options, casual or as you see fit with our range of trousers, cuffs, collar's, piny's, dicky bows and more.


We want to ensure your Bufflers butler experience is of the highest standard and is as unique as possible, with that being said, just let us know any thoughts you have regarding anything not being listing or simply for a step by step build of your special event.