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Boat Parties

boat parties - bufflers

Bufflers give exceptional pontoon parties that can use huge numbers of various fragments of our administrations to the best of advantages. From Cornwall, toward the South East drift and that's only the tip of the iceberg, the UK offers a portion of the best shorelines and harbours for the most brilliant of vessel parties. Mixed drink classes, suggestive acts, music, cooking and parts more are accessible.


We can provide:


Bufflers butlers/glamour girl choose to utilise your boat event with our super versatile butlers and glamour girls, providing things such as meet and greet, drink and food service, games hosting, wine tasting and more. You can browse attire and prop options, really personalising your boating event, ensuring it as possible.


Drink packages whether your boat party needs champagne, cocktails, shots, cider or any mixture of drinks, we'll create a delightful selection of beverages for your event that meet everyone's wishes, with the added opportunity of having our acts available to provide drink service. You can also choose to select one or more of our menus or even design your very own allowing each of your boat party goers to have their favourite.


Games hosting you can elect to incorporate your own pre-prepared games, have a package of them provided or have our team are create one's perfectly befitting your event, with choices such as Balloon Dares, Cucumber Race, Boat party, Toilet move Bride, Place The Plaster, Boat Kiss, The Ice Cube Melter's and more available. You can also have our acts present for hosting your games, with different formats also available such as game show style's, The boat party, team building and more upon request. 


Cocktail classes get together in the inventive craft of influencing a flawless cocktail drink, it guarantees to be extraordinarily fun. Get the boat party combating with our game structures, learning with our educational formats, team building and more, your party is secured. You can even have a Bufflers topless butler as a mixologist.


Wine tasting gift your palate a treat by tasting your way around the world with some of the most alluring wines and you can also implement structures such as cheese creping, palate drives, quizzes, plate matching, and more, offering you many possibilities for your boat party. 


Cabarets styles of drag such as Androgyny, Faux queen, Fish, Goth, Pageant, Fluid and more are all available upon request, providing many of show skills including the likes of heckling, lip=sync's, cabaret shows and more for your boat party needs.


Strippers our selection of male and female erotica acts such as our 10 minute strippergrams, take the cruise, multi-act shows and more give you the possibility to select exactly what best fits your boat party. You also have the opportunity to truly make your event unique by adapting props, implementing themes, specialised dress codes and more into your showing.


Music sensational singers, delightful DJ's, brilliant bands, terrific tribute acts... what do you desire for your event?  Not only do we offer amazing musical acts but we can also supply your boat party with PA/sound systems, lighting, smoke machines and more, arranging all your musical needs.


Catering our gourmet team is available for your boat party, providing any variety of cuisine befitting your wishes. We offer a selection of menu options or you can construct your very own alongside our catering team. You may prefer buffets, canapés, 7 course dinning or anything that lay between, we have every aspect of your events catering set and If you have a gluten free attendee, a nut sensitivity... simply let us know and we will tailor fit everything for you.


Caricaturists our talented Caricaturists will cover all variations of drawing needs for your event. These are a great joy for such events with amazing scenery and our artists able to model a 3D computer image from that, gradually adding definition, weight, and colour, with other enhancements such as shading and texture. You can choose to have singular sit's, group images and more which gives you great versatility and some terrific memorabilia.


We want to ensure your boat party has everything it needs and is as unique as possible so any thoughts you have regarding anything not being listed or simply for a step by step build up of your special event, just get in contact.