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Our Services

We have a range of services for you to browse through, ranging from Hen Parties acts such as life models, to other needs such as private hire chefs and a lot between. If you have an event that isn't covered in the service page feel free to email us via the contacts page and let us know your exact taste's and needs.

cocktail class/portable bars - uk & europe

Everybody loves a cocktail class/portable bar, whether it be a stirred martini or a cosmopolitan, your guests will all have their favourite ! Providing anything from a professionally dressed mixologists, or a Bufflers butler as a mixologists.

transportation - bufflers

Despite whether it be party transportation, taxi's, limousines, water transport... Bufflers offers the most lasting of organizations, paying little mind to the number, key requirements, and so on, we hope to give the most warming of decisions.

private chefs/catering - bufflers

Our gourmet specialists alongside their expertise are available to you. We can furnish you with any style of cuisine you want should that be from our chosen menus or you can even make your very own menu carrying more prominent uniqueness.

waiters and waitresses - uk & europe

We can bring some extra radiance to your dinner party by providing brilliant service with one or more of Bufflers waiters and waitresses. Whether it's a come dine with me night or just a few friends over we'll make sure you have the best service.

ladies nights - uk & europe

We offer a step by step guide to creating the most indelible event for you, from Cabarets and photo-booths to catering and acts and all that lay between, are team are at the ready to ensure your ladies night is of the highest standard.

life modelling/drawing - Bufflers Entertainment

We offer our complimentary material package of paper, pencils and sharpeners or you can inquire about our alternative materials list which includes the likes of clay craft, pastels, painting, A-frames and more.

male strippers - bufflers

Do you have an event forthcoming that you know an erotic male act will be just magical for? Let us tailor your event to perfection with the most versatile and professional male strip acts. If you know the exact style of routine you desire.

female strippers - uk

Bufflers female strippers cater for all types of occasions from Stags, Birthdays, Gentleman's Nights, or any kind of party! Bufflers females are tailored to your event, providing a full strip, to a rip the stag, strip tease, pole show and more!

drag queens - bufflers entertainment

With everybody's favourite party host's ready at your call, your event deserves the true Bufflers Drag queen occasion. Whether you desire a mix and mingle, lip-sync, comedy, meet and greet, karaoke or any other service you desire.

buff butlers - bufflers

Wherever your location, one of our Bufflers butlers can really make your event magical. Providing fabulous traits including games hosting, food and drink service amongst just a few, a buff butler is the perfect additive to your party.

business launch - uk & europe

We know how truly hard you work on your business and to celebrate that endeavour we have what you need to make your business launch spectacular. We can tailor your event based on whatever product, re-launch, opening...

hen parties - uk & europe

Hen Parties are always made that bit more fun with Bufflers Entertainment! A stripper, a Bufflers butler, a life model and many more things can make this party come alive. Check out our full hen week/weekend packages !

music events - uk & europe

We can delegate the most illustrious musicians for your events needs consisting of sensational singers, delightful DJ's, brilliant bands, terrific tribute acts and more. We can also provide you PA/sound systems, lighting, smoke machines...

LGBT nights - bufflers entertainment

We can tailor your LGBT evening perfectly with everything from men's clubs, Bufflers head servants, buffets, canapés, strippers, enchantment mike's, photograph corners and a whole lot more for your special occasion.

wine tasting - uk & europe

Explore new wines and taste your way through the worlds most illustrious of flavours. We appreciate how special your event is and we will organise it perfectly with our added luxuries such as plate match dinning, a structured quiz and more.

caricaturists - uk & europe

Our amazing caricaturists have the ability to render images showing the features of it's subject in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching, stroke work, or other artistic movements capturing an amazing cartoon illustration.

ring/shot girls - uk & europe

We offer our alluring and talented team of ring/shot girls conveying you a phenomenal administration for your occasion. From major sporting events to club shot girls, we know how important your occasion's desires are.

stag doo/party ideas - bufflers

A stag party should be an amazing life experience and one not to forget. Waste no time and hire some of the buffler team to make it a truly brilliant stag party. Whether it be bufflerettes, strippers, butlers or we will cater to your needs.

semi-naked waiter/waitress - uk & europe

Does your dinning event need some extra flare ? Delivering you with our brilliant service of our desirable semi-naked waiters/waitresses. From a relaxed silver service sophistication, we can specify to your personal desires.

hot tubs - bufflers

If you're thinking of using a hot tub for your event, regardless of the style we can tailor your event with our fabulous range of tubs and added extras such as servers, different lighting effects and much, much more.

gents nights - bufflers entertainment

Do you desire canapés, erotic acts, photo booths... we will tailor every aspect and make it as unique an event for you as possible, offering either us perfecting to your taste's and needs or you advising upon your exact requirements.

nude/naked cleaners - uk & europe

Do you desire a cleaner with a little less, uniform? Hire one or more of our delightful male/female cleaner(s), distributing their cleaning duties whilst offering a tremendous something extra to bring a little fun and joyful viewing.

boat parties - bufflers

Bufflers provide boat parties that can utilise many different segments of our services to the best of benefits. From Cornwall, to the South of France and beyond, we offer some of the best shorelines for the most delightful of boat parties.

bus parties - bufflers entertainment

With regards to bus parties, Bufflers are an unquestionable requirement ! With specialised , for example, pole dancers, Bufflers head servants, mixologists, cocktail bars, catering... and that's just the beginning.

birthday party ideas - uk & europe

Your birthday should be the most amazing and joyous of times for you and here at Bufflers we go that extra mile to make sure it is truly special. Maybe you wish to have the most magnificent of meals, the most creative of cocktail classes...

garden parties - uk

From the elegant Bufflers butler drink service, to a Buffler BBQ and everything in between, Bufflers will make your garden party stand out from the rest. Get your Buffler stamp of approval with our cheekily dressed Bufflers butlers team.

magicians/illisuionists  - uk & europe

You can have a magnificent Bufflers magician showcasing stage magic, illusion, showmanship and deception to you and your guests, fitted delightfully to your events needs and desires. Your spectacle will be an interactive experience.

comedians - bufflers entertainment

A phenomenal satire show may include just a single comic, or highlight a "feature" or an "exhibit" organize. … than open mics in light of the fact that there is typically better gathering of people turnout and industry experts here.

christmas parties - bufflers entertainment

We host the best Christmas parties, so let's make yours as dazzling as possible. You can browse Bufflers services and acts such as catering, comedy, cocktail classes and more to find what is perfect for your special event and make it as unique as possible.

We have a range of services for you to browse through, ranging from Hen Parties acts such as life models, to other needs such as private hire chefs and a lot between. If you have an event that isn't covered in the service page feel free to email us via the contacts page and let us know your exact taste's and needs.