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Semi-naked waiters/waitress

Naked Waiter - Bufflers

A dinner service can be a great way to get together with friends, colleagues or just to show off your house and cooking skills. these events can be held in a wide range of environments from baristo bars and restuarants to a house.

We can provide:

Butlers in the buff deliver our great standard of dinner service, with some amazing views to top it.

Table service our wide range of butlers and butlerettes will bring all food, drinks and anything else you wish as part of your service to the table in an upstanding and proffessional manner.

Silver service very similar to table service but with butlers and butlerettes fully trained in speach and silver service with a napkin over one arm and as well spoken as as it comes. The difference may not sound alot from table service but we promise if you need to thank, impress or whatever the meaning behind the service you will not be left with anything but good compliments and delight in the event.

Wine tasting taste your way through some great wine's with great variety and games such as blindfol test and taste, it's a real treat of for the taste buds.

Entertainment wether it be a illusionist, magician, comedy act, cortoutionist or anything that interests you we can provide them instead of phoning around different people let the buffler team arrange everything its that simple.

Dress codes on these events it tends to be trousers, smart shoes, collars, cuffs and dickey bows but feel free to give details of what you want us we are here do provide the service your dinner party desire.

Chefs if you do not wish to cook or hire a cook and would like to leave it to us we have contacts in the filed with somme of the most decorated and knowledgable chefs around from tapas and platter's to bbq's and 7 course we have at hand, what it takes to fill your guests with good food as well as memories.

You dont remember a evening for just good food what makes it really sink in the memory is also the service, entertainment and everything else to make the whole time a sensation of the taste buds. Take a good meal to a hights of a great time with quality food. All services can be provided by a butler in the buff!