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Life Modelling

Bufflers Life Models

Whether it be a casual or serious session our life models can perform at any style of event with all forms of materials able to be provided. They can strike any sufficient life modelling pose correctly from the Cesar to the Bowl Of Fruit. Bufflers Life models are of the highest in the profession and come with years of life drawing experience under the not worn often belts. The best life models in guarunteed . 

We can provide:

Venues if you have a venue perfect if not get in contact with us and we'll source one as local to your location as possible.

Models both male and female models can be offered.

Tutors you can choose to opt for a seperate tutor to model, or you can hire a model who also tutors. Either option is dependant upon your events wishes.

Stationary we can supply all varieties of equipment including, shading pencils, paper (of all varieties on request), charcoals, oils, pastels, paints, clipboards, A-frames, glitter....

Dress Code if you wish to have dress codes, where the model slowly takes clothes off through stages of the event that can be arranged. Any theme can be played.

Music if you would like to have some music in the background please let us know.

Props utilise our props section to provide some great added effects and extras for your life modelling event.

Wine tasting taste your way through some great wine's with great variety and games such as blindfol test and taste, it's a real treat of for the taste buds.

Caricatures our fantastic Caricaturists can cover any drawing needs for your event. These are great add-ons to such events as hen parties and life modelling, with the artist able to model a 3D computer image, gradually adding definition, weight, and colour, with other enhancements such as shading and texture.