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Ladies Nights

Ladies Night Ideas

Let bufflers take your ladies night to the next level. Its time to let the hair down and forget the normal day to day life, get drunk and have a great party amongst other ladies who have eagerly awaited these great ladies nights. We can tailor to your ladies nights desires with anything from cabarets, butlers in the buff, buffets, canapés, strippers, magic mike's and much, much more.

We can provide:

Butlers in the buff There is no better start than a couple of hunky butlers in the buff escorting you to your seats!

Magic Mikes these stage performances can be from 15 minute single man shows between cabarets etc or full shows with up to 5 hunks for a few hours and always get the ladies night roaring!

Cabarets from Newquay to Brighton our ladies nights have featured some of the best drag artists in the business, with guaranteed humour with these brilliant, and funny acts.

Drink Service whether its to hand pressecco on entry, or to keep glasses filled and provide drinks during the event, the bufflers will make sure the ladies night has no dry glasses!

Photo-booths always a great laugh, drunken pictures in the photo-booths with ladies, bufflers, cabarets etc. It's also a great way of getting some memorabilia from the Ladies night.

Food whether it be a professional chef hire, tapas, nibbles... we can provide the best of services.

Wine tasting taste your way through some great wine's with great variety and games such as blindfol test and taste, it's a real treat of for the taste buds.

DJ's and bands from all day/night music to just an hour set we can provide proffessional musicians to bring some jazz to the occassion.

Cocktail stands/portable bar if you either have a bar at hand, or need 1 to hire, whether it be for casual drink service, or cocktails for the ladies night, we can arrange some great packages.

Venues can be arranged all over the UK, France and Geneva, for any sized Ladies night.

If you have a inquiry as to anything we haven't mentioned feel free to contact us and we will do what it takes to meet your needs.