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Hire Private Chef's

private chefs - Bufflers - UK

Whether you want a private chef in Newquay, Bristol, Glasgow, London...our chef's have the capability and experience to cater for all varieties. We can supply any range of dinning experience from "canapés" to a full service "al la carte menu" and anything between. Private chef's can also be added to full packages including butler's in the buff, silver service, drink service and much more.

We can provide:

Private chef hire one or more of our fully trained culinary masters, who are dedicated to bringing a real restaurant feel, and amazing food to your event.

Butler in the buff/Waiter what is better than an amazing private chef catering your event, a buff butler serving the food. Our hunky butlers stay attentive throughout. If you prefer a well dressed fully clothed silver service please fee free to inquire.

A La Carte browse through our amazing menu and select some of our brilliant dishes. With such classics as a traditionally prepared fillet beef wellington served with creamy rosemary potato puree and buttered seasional vegetbles in a red wine jus, or our indulgent rich chocolate rum bread pudding served with a velvety vanilla cream, our chef's will leave you and your guests in food heaven. We can tailor to any theme or style if you prefer a culture themed cuisine i.e. Mexican, Thai...

Food events add events such as pizza tossing, pancake flipping, chocolate making and much more to your experience.

Canapes our canapes can be tailored to your events very needs, anything from smoaked salmon puff pastries to crispy arancini balls and anything between. Filled with amazing flavours our canapes are of the highest quality.

Buffet our buffet's range from wedding spreads, to large ballgown evenings, just inquire for prices and menu options.

Drink service we will make sure our butlers in the buff/waiters mantain attentiveness to all drinks, and keep flowing throughout the service, and can also provide drinks packages.

Wine tasting taste your way through some great wine's with great variety. We can do plate matching with our wine packages.

Cocktail classes get together in the creative art of making a perfect cocktail it can be great fun. Whether you want it before, after or one of our special plate to cocktail during meal match package, just inquire.

Cocktail stands/portable bar If your food event has a bar at hand or needs one to hire, whether it be casual drink service, or cocktails, we can arrange great package deals! Butlers in the buff can be cheekily or a smartly dressed mixologist can be arranged.

A variety of dresscodes our waiters can be cheekily dressed to whatever the hen parties taste i.e Trousers, Cuffs, Collar's, Pinny's, Dicky Bows etc...

A fun variety of games Fine Dine, Balloon Dares, Cucumber Race, Place The Plaster, Blindfolded Kiss, The Ice Cube Melters, Who Is It and much more.... just let us know if you wish to have games involved and browse our selection.

Pole Shows bring something different to a dinner service with a pole show. Fun for all to get involved in, it's harder than it looks! 

Music Acts from all day/night music to just an hour set we can provide proffessional musicians to bring some jazz to the occassion.


If there anything you wish to inquire, that is not stated here, please feel free. to contact us.