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Hen Parties

Buff Butlers - Hen Party Ideas

Whether your Hen Party is in Newquay, Bristol, Glasgow, London...your hen party should be an amazing life experience. Why should a butler in the buff not wait on you! So be in hen heaven with a butler in the buff, stripper, life model and so much more to provide that flare to any style of hen party.

We can provide:

Butler in the buff what is better than a hunky butler in the buff? TWO! There's a reason why butlers in the buff are the "thing" to have at a hen party.

Drink service arrival is always best accompanied with the hens favourite drink, served by a hunky butler in the buff. We will make sure our butlers in the buff mantain attentiveness to all drinks, and keep flowing throughout the hen party whether it be cocktails, presecco, shots...

A fun variety of games are classic for a hen party such as Mr and Mrs, butler in the buff, Balloon Dares, Cucumber Race, Hen party, Toilet roll Bride, Place The Plaster, Blindfolded Kiss, The Ice Cube Melters, Who Is It and much more.... just let us know if you already have games arranged for the hen party and the butlers/butlerette's will help play them.

Cocktail classes get together in the creative art of making a perfect cocktail it can be great fun. Get the Hen party battling one another to see which group can make the best cocktail in our cock-off! Simply just to learn, or whatever the case, your hen party is covered. You can even have a butler in the buff as a mixologist.

Cocktail stands/portable bar If your hen party has a bar at hand or needs one to hire, whether it be casual drink service or cocktails, we can arrange great package deals! Butlers in the buff can or smartly dressed can be arranged.

Wine tasting taste your way through some great wine's with great variety and games such as blindfol test and taste, it's a real treat of for the taste buds.

A variety of dresscodes our butlers in the buff, will be cheekily dressed to whatever the hen parties taste i.e Trousers, Cuffs, Collar's, Pinny's, Dicky Bows etc...

Male/female strippers just enquire within for any specifics i.e. themes...

Pole Shows Bring something different to a hen party, female pole shows are real fun for all to get involved in, it's harder than it looks! 

DJ's and bands from all day/night music to just an hour set we can provide proffessional musicians to bring some jazz to the occassion.

Great food we can offer extended packages involving discounted meals at top restuarants, bars or even cafe's. Even private chef's, whatever it be, we will keep you topped up with quality food to give you the energy to keep smiling through this hen party. Our silver service standard butlers in the buff can serve throughout!

Venues we can organise venues for hen parties which will accomodate your prior or further plans for the party.

We do much more and are always open to your ideas of exactly what you would like from the hen party, we are flexible and will do what it takes for the hen and everyone else to remember the party.