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Female Strippers

Hire Female Strippers

Need a female stripper? Bufflers female strippers cater for all types of occasions, from Stags, Birthdays, Pole show's etc... The strippers will provide anything from a full strip to a rip the stag, stripper-gram and much more!

We can provide:

Stripper Show  Hire a/some stripper(s) for a 20minute Strip Show! This is a fully nude strip show with Music! 

Rip The Stag Strip Show  This can either be a 30 minute or 45minute show. This show will include a fully nude strip and then the stripper(s), will focus on the stag and traditionally humiliate him ! This can involve things like the strippers whipping him, waxing him, and much, much more! 

Pole show a classic pole show is never overlooked. With great female pole dancers, Bufflers offer portable pole's available to locations around the UK.

Gentleman's nights from waitresses to attened at poker nights, to our female strippers who perform amazing shows for all durations of these great events. From crowds of hundreds to thousands, our female strippers bring the best shows. Involing crowd pleasing, call-ups for lap dancing and much more, these nights have everything. 

Dresscodes For all shows the female strippers/dancers will be in full lingerie i.e stockings, matchings lingerie sets, heels etc. However fantasy outifits or any other atire can be asked for upon request, this could be anything from from the strippers turning up in ballgown dresses to school girl outifits... we will do our upmost to cater for your needs.

Venues we can arrange venues all over the UK to accomodate your stripper needs.


All female strippers/dancers are of the highest standard, and have the repertoire to back it! if there is a particular theme or style of event thats not been mentioned above, please inquire in the contact us section, and we will accomodate to very needs.