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Cocktail classes/portable bars


Whether you want a fully clothed cocktail class to improve and compare your skills amongst friends or a cheekily dressed butler in the buff one, with added waiters, portable bars we'll provide that. We love the art of cocktails, mixology and can make the easiest and most refreshing cocktails or the most sophisticated cocktails, depending on what you want from the event. Our cocktail classes vary from head to head cocktail competitions to a tutorial of the art of cocktails and the ingredients for modern and older day cocktails and why they've changed over time. 

We can provide:

Cocktail menu please inquire to recieve one of our amazing cocktail menus, and we supply menus for cocktail classes/events. These are amazing freshly made cocktails, with great products, 

Butlers in the buff Can be added to any cocktail event to either wait on, as a mixologist or whatever your desires.

Cocktail packages can be added to any event where you can select your own packages or have one put together.

Cocktail classes with some fine cocktail class mixologists they do'n't always need to be cheekily dressed to enjoy these events just have a go and see what your favourite cocktail is. It'll change the way you drink forever. Wether it's explaining why gin was traditionally used in a Maritini cocktail and it turned to a vodka based cocktail after the 40's post war or just making some great summer time cocktials our cocktail creators have the variety to cater for your needs.

Venues if your struggling to locate a venue then let us know as we know and can arrange them in all areas for cocktail events.

Portable bars If you have a venue then we can arrange where best to accomodate a cocktail class/bar to bring a real to your doorstep feel!

The art of a cocktail is a fine thing and a great way to enjoy a great drink for all occassions. A butler in the buff mixologists to save paying for two entertainers!