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Butlers & Strippers!

Birthdays are always made that bit more fun with Bufflers Entertainment! A stripper, a butler in the buff, a life model and many more things can make this party come alive. If just another year or a milestone Bufflers will provide the fun every party needs!

We can provide:


Butler in the buff what is better than a hunky butler in the buff? TWO! There's a reason why butlers in the buff are the "thing" to have at a Birthday party.

Drink service arrival is always best accompanied with the birthday Boy/Girls favourite drink, and they will be be kept topped up on drinks along with the birthday guests throughout the event. Whether it be champagne, wine, beer, shots etc...the Buffler team are as attentive as it comes.

A fun variety of games such as Balloon Dares, Cucumber Race, Place The Sticker, Blindfolded Kiss, The Ice Cube Melters, Who Is It and much more.

Cocktail classes get together in the creative art of making a perfect cocktail it can be great fun. Invent a cocktail with your new skills and compare amongst one-another and see who wins the birthday battle. A butler in the buff is a great add to this option.

Great food we can offer extended packages can be offered for birthday events involving discounted meals at top restuarants, bars or even cafe's. We ca also provide private chef', buffet's, canape's etc.

A variety of dresscodes we will be dressed exactly to your taste and will let you choose from piny's and dickey bows to trousers, cuff's and colar's.

Wine tasting taste your way through some great wine's with great variety and games such as blindfol test and taste, it's a real treat of for the taste buds.

Venues we can organise venues for your birthday party which will accomodate your prior or further plans and even can even arrange birthday accomodation if needed.

Private chef hire one or more of our fully trained culinary masters, who are dedicated to bringing a real restaurant feel, and amazing food to your birthday party.

Accomodation we can arrange accomodation without hesitation anywhere in and around the UK.

DJ's and bands from all day/night music to just an hour set we can provide proffessional musicians to bring some jazz to a birthday of any age and gender.

Everyone remembers that one birthday that stands out from the rest and we wish to be that one and make you desperate for the next. wether it be male/female any type of venue/establishment we want to share your special occassion with you wether it be a mile-stone birthday or just another we will make it your best to date.