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Cocktail Classes/Portable Bars East Midlands

cocktail classes/portable bars - east midlands

If you are in  Derby, Leicester, Northampton and Nottingham, Boston, Chesterfield, Corby, Grantham, Hinckley, Kettering, Lincoln, Loughborough, Mansfield, Wellingborough, or anywhere else in the East Midlands, and are seeking a cocktail class, look no further. We provide fully clothed or cheekily dressed mixologists, who provide the best education on cocktails available. With games like cock-off, team building aspects and many more twists to our cocktail events, making them umprecedented.

We can provide:

Mixologist we provide the highest profiled cocktail craftsman in the East Midlands, who offer an unbeatable insight to the art, our mixologists are a must.

Bufflers butler can either host or provide service, games and help during your amazing cocktail event.

Cocktail menu with our incredible menu, we investigate every possibility in giving the best in mixed drink refreshment. We can send PDF mixed drink menus, or give our menus at occasions all upon ask.

Cocktail packages can be added to any event where you can pick your own specific packages or have one amassed, available wherever in the East Midlands.

Cocktail classes with some fine mixed drink class mixologists that can cover all angles and assortments of mixed drink occasions, see what your most adored blended drink is. It'll change the way you drink for forever. Our blended drink creators have the arrangement to provide food for your needs. You can even have a head hireling in the buff as a mixologist.

Venues can be created for you wherever in the East Midlands, saving you making clusters of phone calls and plans, just desert everything to us.

Wine tasting taste your way through some of our delightful wine's with incredible assortment and recreations, for example, blindfold test and taste, it's a genuine treat of for the taste buds.

Portable bars the magnificence of these is area is never an issue, wherever you pick in the East Midlands.

The craft of a mixed drink is a fine thing and an awesome approach to appreciate an incredible drink for all occasions. A head servant in the buff mixologists to spare paying for two performers!