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Semi-Naked Waiters/Waitress Dundee

semi naked waiter/waitress - dundee

If you're planning some fine dinning in Dundee, Bufflers semi-naked waiters and waitresses are the best form of service, able to offer our skills at restaurants, barista bars, private house's, amongst many more locations. 

We can provide:

Semi-naked waiters/waitresses proudly boasting the sexiest semi-naked waiters and waitresses in Dundee, we take great credit in providing your event with our amazing food and drink service, delivering a great dinning experience.

Silver service fully speech trained, napkin over the arm, this service speaks for itself. With the best in food service in all of the Dundee, you can rest assured your event receives perfect plate timing and rotation, wine matching, flowering are among just some of the amazing perks to our untouchable service.

Entertainment everybody has favourite act, and everybody loves hosting an event with something that will blow people away, with our fabulous selection of talented entertainers you can do just that. Ensuring we always have the best entertainers in Dundee, our back staff can cater to any requests your event may have.

Private chefs we leave no stone unturned with our amazing private chef hire, available all over Dundee and with the ability to cater to all themes and taste's, our culinary masters will deliver the best in mouth-watering food's to your dinner service.

Wine tasting from taste and tell to quizzes, we hand craft our wine events, to your upmost desires. Possessing the best knowledged experts in our team, with our great aray of the world's wines, our wine event servie is simply unprecedented.

Portable bars with our personally stocked bars fully equipped upon request, we offer the best and most versatile bars in Dundee. With our fabulous staffing, you can assure this will really step your events game up, especially with our delicous cocktail menus.